Complete K-9 Dog Training and Behavior Services


We offer Professional Dog Training and Behavior Consultation services, in Fort Collins, Colorado and the surrounding areas, to the most discerning pet owner.  Complete K-9 brings 20 years of experience and offers one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants (CBCC-KA) in the state. We  pride ourselves in using the most innovative, effective and dog-friendly techniques available.  

Complete K-9 is Better than Bacon

As for Complete K-9, well, it changed my life.

Jake is a 3 year old Catahoula mutt rescue who probably lived his first year digging up roots and balling up under a tree on the wild streets of Dodge City, KS. We had never had a rescue. Our first 2 dogs were babies when we got them, and they grew up knowing nothing but a warm house and love.

The day Jake came home, we thought that we had won the rescue dog lotto! He was the best behaved animal ever! In fact, for 2 weeks he did nothing but sleep and lay at your feet with big wide eyes; eyes that I now know were searching for a way out or an open door. I don’t think he had ever been inside that long.

After 2 weeks, the paralyzing fear wore off, and he started to come out of his shell. At night, when all the lights were out, he was just as scared as he was in the middle of the day. It was as if our house was constantly being invaded by evil pirates and marauders. Poor guy. The worst part is that we had no idea. We just thought he was a bad dog, that barked constantly. Then Jake and I met Ashley and Breaker and embarked on a mission to find Jake’s deepest fears, and convince him that he could trust us.

Jake is the sweetest animal I have know, and our relationship would have ended before it started, and I would never have known how amazing he is, had I not discovered positive dog-friendly training. I had gone through doggie training before, with Ellie (sorry girl, I didn’t know,) and none of it worked on Jake. The more we yelled “NO!” the worse he got.

A year and a half into the process, Jake is happy. I am happy. He still barks when he sees a new blue eyed-Husky; but what really matters is that I understand what he is saying, and he trusts that I have his back.

I will never give up on him now. Ashley & Jake are teaching me how to be a better human, and in return, I am providing Jake with the chance to love, and he has a lot to give.

~ Danielle B and Jake

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