Complete K-9 Dog Training and Behavior Services


We offer Professional Dog Training and Behavior Consultation services, in Fort Collins, Colorado and the surrounding areas, to the most discerning pet owner.  Complete K-9 brings 20 years of experience and offers one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants (CBCC-KA) in the state. We  pride ourselves in using the most innovative, effective and dog-friendly techniques available.  

Group Training Services

If you are looking for innovative and effective GROUP training options, consider enrolling in one of our group training classes. We offer a wide variety of training classes to help you achieve your training goals.  Classes are taught at Come-Play-Stay! at South Mesa Veterinary Hospital , in Fort Collins, CO. 

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Puppy Socialization

One Smart Puppy

You no longer have to wait to get started on your puppy’s vital socialization & learning.  Register for Come-Play-Stay’s on-going admission,  One Smart Puppy Class.   Our flexible puppy training classes are on-going – and cover specific topics that are on a four-week rotation.  You and your puppy can start the puppy classes at any time and come to as many or as few classes (we recommend an absolute minimum of 4 classes) as you desire and you select the topics to meet your needs.  Each 60 minute class will cover a specific topic(s), and intersperse positive puppy romp and roll time and training cues such as; sit, down, come, attention behaviors, leash manners, etc.  The on-going style encourages a rotating group, providing optimum socialization to new people and dogs… in a safe and positive learning environment.  Life happens, and sometimes you have to miss a class, but with this format you won’t be missing out; just hop into a class covering the topic you need at your convenience.  As long as your puppy is under 18 weeks of age, you can come to as many classes as you choose. - Starting at $85.00 for 4 weeks of instruction.  

Specific Topic Classes are Tuesdays at 6:00pm

  • The Keys to Successful Puppy hood

  • House training

  • Handling and Basic Manners

  • Biting and Destruction


The Basics! 

Smart Dog One: 5 weeks – $150.00 – limit 8 students/dogs – for dogs 4 months old and up. Smart Dog One covers an extensive introduction to positive techniques and proper application of such techniques. The focus of this class includes:

  • Impulse control

  • Relationship development

  • Attention and focus

  • Basics (sit/down/leave it/leash manners etc.)

  • How to deal with problem behaviors (jumping up, barking, begging etc.)

Smart Dog Two: 4 weeks – $120.00 – limit 8 students/dogs – must have taken Smart Dog One

Smart Dog Two expands on knowledge gained in smart dog one and adds additional vital learning:

  • Advanced attention work

  • Loose leash walking

  • Go to your mat

  • Stays

  • Distance Behaviors

Smart Dog Three: 4 weeks – $160 – limit 6 students/dogs – must have completed Smart Dog Two.

Smart Dog Three is an innovative, four-week field trip class.  Each week students will meet their instructor at a different location to they can work on real-life situations with the guidance of a skilled trainer.  These classes are limited to 6 students to ensure that every dog and student gets the individual attention that they need – a MUST for every person that wants a dog that they can take along with them.  This class focuses on:

  • Attention with high distraction

  • Leash manners in the real world

  • Meeting people and dogs on the street

  • Trail Manners

  • Stays in public

  • And much more!


Specialty Classes!  

Reliable Recall: 6 weeks $180.00 – Includes mandatory Intro Lecture
An innovative class that builds and develops a brilliant recall through games, play and relationship building – This is a must have class to aim toward off-leash adventures with your dogs!

Therapy Dog Course: 5 weeks $150.00                                                                                                                                                   This class will guide you on the journey to sharing your dog with others as a therapy dog.  The class is geared to prepare you and your dog to be able to pass the necessary evaluation to become a working team.  The class covers training skills and also incorporates thorough education to help you better understand your dog - to ensure that they benefit from the work as well.  This class was developed and is instructed by Ashley Foster CBCC-KA who was the trainer and coordinator for a nationally recognized therapy dog program for 10 years. (Participants must have completed Smart Dog One or have instructor approval) 

Tricks-n-Games: 5 weeks $150.00
Are you seeking a fun and innovative way to improve your dog’s training and focus while improving your relationship in a fun and rewarding way? Then Tricks-n-Games is for you and you and your dog! You’ll be surprised by the amazing things your dog will learn… We’re talking Hollywood baby! (Participants must be Smart Dog One Graduates, or have instructor approval.)




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