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We offer Professional Dog Training and Behavior Consultation services, in Fort Collins, Colorado and the surrounding areas, to the most discerning pet owner.  Complete K-9 brings 20 years of experience and offers one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants (CBCC-KA) in the state. We  pride ourselves in using the most innovative, effective and dog-friendly techniques available.  

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Client Puppy Educational Packets

Building a strong relationship with new puppy clients leads to long-term clinic-client relationships as well as a positive reputation.  Much of this relationship development comes with being able to support clients with their puppies behavior needs. 

This innovative program will ensure that all of your staff provide your clients current, science-based information on behavioral health and educate them on how to deal with house training and unwanted behaviors such as, biting and destruction. This program with allow you to provide clients with guidelines for safe, effective and proper socialization and teach them to raise their puppies to become good veterinary patients.  

Complete K-9's Client Puppy Educational Packets include:


·         A 2 hour in-clinic staff training

·         Specific client education systems for first puppy visits (1-3)

·         Customized client education handouts

·         Other useful tools to help your clients succeed with their        new puppy

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