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We offer Professional Dog Training and Behavior Consultation services, in Fort Collins, Colorado and the surrounding areas, to the most discerning pet owner.  Complete K-9 brings 20 years of experience and offers one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants (CBCC-KA) in the state. We  pride ourselves in using the most innovative, effective and dog-friendly techniques available.  

The Distracting World - TBD

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mary and Tig.jpg
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The Distracting World - TBD


Canine Crash Courses are mini seminars that provide FUN, FOCUSED LEARNING to help you reach your training goals!

No pre-requisite to participate


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Dogs are highly drawn to the world around them; dogs, squirrels, bunnies, people and other fun things.  It is this draw that often leads to endless frustration out in the world with your dog—as they forget that we even exist at the end of the leash!

This class will teach you and your dog how to navigate through the world– despite the distractions that cross your path. 


Located at Come-Play-Stay! - 3801 S. Mason St. - Fort Collins, CO


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